About Us


Fun guy

We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously

The joy that comes from doing what you love always results in fun.  We love what we do.  Do you?

Fun is also the result of reenacting what we did as kids, reminiscing about great experiences or watching the people you love succeed.  Fun is almost always relational.  If you need a little fun in your life, we welcome you to become part of our world.

Who We Are As People

Sterling McMannis

If you visit a local restaurant and hear a rawkus party that’s far too large, it’s likely Sterling with his friends and family. Quality time with the people he loves is important to him. In his free time, Sterling dreams of places like this: https://youtu.be/xvkOPHS6pC0. He dreams more than he experiences, but if he could, he’d fish, hike and travel a whole lot more.

Joshua family photo

Joshua Speakman

Forever an elusive mystery? Not Hardly. Josh is passionate about providing top tier products and services to clients. During his time away from the office, Josh is most likely spending time with his wife and son or just geeking out in general. He is always excited to take on new projects and is always willing to help others overcome their challenges.

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